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AA's web site will give load data for at least the 06. May be under western Powder now. Do a google search for AA8700 load data and the site should pop up in the list. Feb 03, 2017 · pyrofx XSergeant Rating: 3.0/5 this site 388 posts this site >338 Lapua Magnum 10/08/2014 (1 vote) Just tried the reloader 33 powder in the 338 . 99.0 gr Kreiger 9.3 x27 fed 215mag hornydaddy 285 2789 es of 6 with hornydaddy brass. bolt lifts fine untill the cam over . then it takes a bit of...

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Provides superb accuarcy in most medium and heavy rifle loads and is the powder of choice for .30-06 and .338 calibers. Powder of choice for 270, .30-06 and .338
Free Hazmat Shipping Primers aa8700 load data 50 bmg,document about aa8700 load data 50 bmg,download an entire aa8700 load data 50 bmg document onto your computer.

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I forget the exact load data, but it was essentially just the starting loads from the Accurate #2 manual, maybe adding another grain or so. We have the same issues here in Georgia that David (x2mosg) mentioned having in Alabama at the beginning of this thread; that is, the smallish Southern deer don't need all the power the .30 Mags offer--it ... ENHANCED OF I8700XXKH2: - COMPASS SUPPORT - Camera Touch-focus now support - Bing vision work correctly - Motion Sensor support - Radio Software updated - Hidden WIFI network support - Bing Music faster and more accurate. AT&T 3G Connection DOES NOT WORK ON I8700XXKH2. >

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Only powders I can think of that may be of use for you are the W872 (#239) or AA8700 (#232). Slowest commercial powder I have on a burn-rate chart is the SP 13 Vactan (#246). Only one I've seen recently is 50BMG Hodgon (#244).
I recently bought a Savage BA 110 and love to shoot it! I have been reloading for a few years, and have ordered dies to reload the .338. Looking around in the forums on this site most guys seem to like VihtaVuori powders. Unfortunately that powder is not readily available around here, and... nents are assembled, the type of firearm used, and the reloading techniques and safety precautions utilized by the individual. NEVERmix any two powders regardless of type, brand or source. NEVERsubstitute any smokeless powder for black powder or for Pyrodex®.

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We've shot the surplus powders and they work fine. A little more variability than I like from jug to jug but you can't beat the price. For accuracy though I tend to use H50BMG or AA8700. I also plan on giving US 869 a try.-Lee "Building carpal tunnel one round at a time"
Old-winchester-reloading-manual.pdf - Shotshell Reloading Manuals and Data: Ballistic - With almost 6,000 load recipes, our reloading manuals detail the step-by-step processes of handloading high-performance and specialized shotshells. They feature our Speer Reloading Manual #14 - MidwayUSA Oct 29, 2009 · The load data with H-4350 and H-4831 is similar, but the data with H-870 is a good bit better in velocity. As H-870 and AA-8700 (same surplus powder) are no longer available, I am looking at Retumbo to see if it might fill the void created by the withdrawal of the other two powders.

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My load data that I use was taken directly from my Nosler #5 manual. Nosler 160gr Partition with the following loads for H870: Start load - 75.5gr - 2982fps Mid load - 77.5gr - 3047fps Max load - 79.5gr - 3112fps Running the data through quickload gives me: Cartridge : 7 mm Rem. Mag. Bullet : .284, 160, Nosler AccuBond 54932
Privacy Policy © Copyright 2020 HP Development Company, L.P. Z6_LAI0GH40KO6TA0AA8GVBN010O4. hp-detect-load-my-device-portlet.Someone gave me a jug of AA8700 last year, and I was wondering what to do with almost 24 pounds of powder. After reading this I think the 8 mm, 30-06 and 45-70 can digest BMG ammo, used for the Ball M33 and API M8 projectile. A ball powder which can be loaded using Hodgdon H870 or AA8700 data.

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May 15, 2018 · Shown below is official load data for four large cartridge types (this is a partial list). Additional load data for Ramshot powders is found on the Ramshot Load Data Page. As with all load data, start conservatively, and stick to the exact components listed: Similar Posts: Vihtavuori Releases NEW N570 Powder for Magnums
WC872 50BMG 8lbs of 872 Spherical Smokeless Powder $46.00 WC872 50BMG 8lbs of 872 Spherical Smokeless Powder $46.00WC872 For 50BMG. This is brand new, never loaded powder. Re: 50 bmg API load data? When I picked up my 50 Bohica the only powder available locally was AA8700. I found 600 API bullets for $175 shipped and I sized them through a Lee .510 sizer die. I worked up a load of 218 grs of the AA8700 and I'm getting 2478 FPS with a Standard Deviation of 11 out of a 24" barrel.

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Aiwa AA-8700. Connect. I want this product. AIWA AA-8700e Prodajem odlicno vintage pojacalo, najbolje pojacalo koje je napravio ...
Does anyone know where you can go buy powder direct. I was trying to like buy it off the truck at cost but cant find any companys that sell direct. the local shops have a huge mark up and ordering online you half to pay hazard shipping.

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